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 We have the Cigarette Addiction Antidote!
It Worked For 98% Of 2000 People Craving A Cigarette
Appears To Be Effective For
All Addictive Drugs

Cravings disappear within minutes,
using an FDA-approved non-drug treatment.

 By dissolving the cigarette craving each time it arises,
within a few days the cravings drop off,
and by a week or six, they completely disappear. 
There is no withdrawal, no suffering. 
Your addiction to cigarettes is history!

It's a piece of cake. 
You feel relaxed, happy. 
You don't have the usual problems like weight gain. 
You don't have excess hunger, because there is no physical suffering to try to cover up. 
What you do eat tastes a lot better, because you're not smoking.

Come in today with your craving, and see for yourself. 
Or do it in the privacy of your own home.

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A Revolution In Addiction Treatment
Cravings Are Dramatically Eliminated In Minutes

Come See For Yourself At Our Office in Hollywood,
No Charge For First Relief of Cravings
Or Try It At Home - No Risk

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             If you are a cigarette smoker,
and you wish you could press a button and make the craving go away,
your wish can come true. 
An FDA approved (for pain, anxiety, and depression) non-drug treatment is available
 that takes away the craving for a cigarette (and the craving for any addictive drug),
 literally at the press of button, usually within two minutes. 
Iíve been watching it happen every day for more than a year in my office in Hollywood. 

            The button is on a machine that is attached to little electrodes hooked on your ear. 
The button turns on a microelectric current  with sophisticated wave forms,
a treatment now called cranial electrotherapy stimulation or CES. 
Within a minute, about half of the people go into a deep state of relaxation. 
Most of the other half feel very relaxed after five to ten minutes. 
Most types of pain in the upper part of the body diminish or go away,
sometimes in a minute, usually within twenty minutes.

            In my study of about 2000 patients craving a cigarette,
98% of the time the little CES device dissolved the cravings
of the astonished patient, usually in two minutes. 
These were not patients coming in to quit smoking. 
They were coming in about something else,
and in most cases, were not specifically planning to quit. 
It just so happened they wanted/needed a cigarette, and were willing to try the treatment. 
After more than 24 months, every day, I have observed
this little treatment take away the cigarette cravings in nearly everyone.

            There have been people who came in craving alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamine.  
In nearly every case, the treatment worked like a charm to take away the initial craving,
usually in two minutes.

            Taking away the initial craving is the key to a successful treatment. 
Then, keep the craving away, and the job is almost done. 
Keep the craving away now, and for the next few days, and then craving stops arising.
The addiction is history. 
Dare we say "cured"? 

Come in today with your craving, and see for yourself. 
Or do it in the privacy of your own home.

Call us at 323-463-3295

 More Than A Year of Taking Away Cigarette Cravings

In my ongoing study of cigarette smokers and their cravings,
 most of the subjects were not actively trying to stop smoking at the time they were treated with CES. 
Most everyone achieved a significant to deep state of relaxation. 
About half noticed a deep state of relaxation within one minute. 
Most of the other half felt significant relaxation with five to fifteen minutes.

Usually, the physical craving is completely gone in two minutes. 
It remains gone as long as the treatment is applied.

In several people who were in the process of quitting,
and were in the height of withdrawal,
the craving started to diminish by the two minute mark of the treatment.
It ended after about ten minutes.
  One such subjectís last cigarette was the night before, the treatment taking place about 4 in the afternoon. 
He was suffering from a strong case of withdrawals, shaking, anxious. 
Within two minutes, he had a reduction of craving. 
After about ten minutes, while we were discussing other health issues,
 he looked up in surprise and said, ďI donít even want a cigarette now.Ē

Another subject was 23 days after his last cigarette from a habit that consumed four packs daily for years. 
His mouth was continuously gushing in desire for a cigarette. 
He had not succumbed, but the gushing was unrelenting.. 
In two minutes following initiation of treatment,
the gushing stopped completely, and he felt normal.

Other subjects were two or three weeks into quitting, still with cravings. 
One subject still craved a cigarette after three months.  
Another still had cravings after 1.5 years, two others after two years.
The longest period of no smoking where craving persisted was 4 years. 
In all these cases, the craving disappeared within two minutes after beginning treatment.

Cravings usually have a physical component. 
Some subjects reported it as a taste in the mouth. 
Some reported sensations in the lungs. 
Some reported it in the hands, moving up the arms into the chest as it became more intense. 
Most could identify some location where they felt the desire or craving. 
All of the successes reported that the physical aspect of the desire disappeared completely.

Most patients expressed pleasant surprise at the absence of the desire. 
Some were just shocked that the craving disappeared. 

Some subjects came in with more than one craving. 
In addition to cigarette cravings,
individuals came in also craving alcohol, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and xanax. 
The patient craving xanax and cigarettes had driven a long distance,
and was literally shaking in the withdrawal when she walked in the door. 
Within ten minutes her condition normalized, and she felt fine. 
No craving for xanax or cigarettes.

Patients reported other benefits aside from removing the desire or craving for a cigarette. 
Many headaches were relieved. 
Pain in the neck, shoulder, and upper back areas generally diminished or disappeared. 
Anxiety was greatly reduced in most cases. 
 People became very relaxed. 
All this is to be expected based on the many published research studies of this CES treatment.

In addition, several subjects also had menstrual cramps that were relieved by the treatment. 
Three subjects with well-diagnosed spastic colitis experienced disappearance of spasms.  Pain ceased. 
Two subjects with chronic bladder pain found relief of their pain and loss of urgency.
One subject with congenital neurogenic bladder and neurogenic bowel
achieved loss of abdominal pain as well as loss of cigarette craving.

Most of those who did not completely lose their cravings became relaxed
and sometimes had other beneficial pain relief. 

Many people desired to quit smoking,
purchased the CES units,
then successfully quit smoking cigarettes. 
Some subjects purchased the device for treatment of other problems,
without the specific intent to quit,
and found that they greatly reduced their quantity of cigarettes. 

Come in today with your craving, and see for yourself. 
Or do it in the privacy of your own home.

Call us at 323-463-3295

Your craving can disappear today.

Come in today with your craving, and see for yourself. 
Or do it in the privacy of your own home.

Call us today at 323-463-3295